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Rc Blimps



R/C Blimp are Non-rigid Airships also know as Zeppelins and Dirigible, are the most common form nowadays. They are basically lighter-than-air aircraft that can be steered and propelled through the air using rudders and propellers. Their shape is maintained by their internal overpressure. And the lifting gas used is Helium or Hydrogen.


The main types of R/C Blimps are Electric and Gasoline (petrol) Engines. In additional, an electric system keeps the same weight and does not affect buoyancy unlike an Engine that burns gas and makes the ship lighter during flight.


  • Electric R/C Zeppelin: Size starts from 3 m to 10m 
  • Gas powered R/C Zeppelin: Size starts from 8 m to 22m 


All of them are ready to fly, we do good quality control at factory, before shipping the radio control blimps we will do depth testing for every part to ensure best performance.


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