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Backpack Balloon



Balloon mounted on a backpack is An Advertising solution for places where stationary advertising is. A big Airtight Balloon with Led lighting installed inside  is attached to the backpack that has all necessary electronics and batteries inside allowing this mobile way to advertise in variety of events. They are ideal for live events, parties, trade shows or even the high street because they carry your marketing message above the people’s heads.

Walking Backpacks balloon are simple to setup and easy to wear. They are designed to allow freedom of movement and maximum exposure for your marketing message. The battery is built in and comes with a charger. And net weights less than 1.8 kg and has a battery life of between 3.5 hours to 6m hours(as different battery). Illumination is provided by LED Light safety. The balloon is air filled, requires no helium and comes in a shape of a sphere or spheroid. This product can also have digital print on it.


• Ultrilight

• Brighten
• Good Print
• Quite –no noise indoor
Inflate one time

3.Balloon Design:

4.Logo on Sphere

5.Balloon in Custom Shape

6.Balloon Material

7.Technical Datas

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9.Balloon Photos

10. Detail infos on each balloon


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