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Hull/Envelope For RC Blimps


The blimps /hull/Envelope are lighter-than-air aircraft, their shape is maintained by their internal overpressure. They need to be filled with gas to lift up.There are mainly four fabrics to be used for it.



•Nylon with Urethane(double layer)
•Nylon coated Urethane(single layer)

Every fabric has their own advantage:

1.) PVC is good at advertising, it can be imprinted by print machine directly to surface With correct PMS number
2.) Urethane is Ultr light, better than quality on airtight, it can last long time in air
3.) Double layer (nylon with urethane) is a spate Urethane bladder for the inside and nylon fabric on outside. It composite the advantage of Urethane and nylon
4.) Single layer(nylon coated Urethane) is durable and clean.

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