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8# rubber or tpu mateiral open one end or closed end / 1 slider black airtitght zipper


 8# rubber or tpu airtight and waterproof zippers 

 We provide waterpoof and airtight Zippers on excellent quality,reasonable price and good service. There are various types of open-end,closed-end,sperate and U shape Zippers. There are three different materials Rudder,PVC and TPU


a) Military

  Aviation engine,Launch device,weapons and ammunition,explosives and the rockets,chemicals,missiles,an important tool of weapons and equipment seal flexible packaging, inflatable simulation model.

b.) Protective Clothing
Heat preservation suits, suits,diving suits,used for submarine escape suits,reduced pressure suits,dangerous prevent suits, prevent pollution radiation protection suits, serve for the water slide craft's simple clothes, etc.

c.)The Sports and Leisure

Water walk ball,inflatable tents,hovercraft,hot air balloon,eaves sails;The characteristics of the water seal zipper decided it is extraordinary, extensive and important use value. Must be kept sealed structures such as the lock of the gas chamber, water walk ball, tents, life raft, survival gear, the ship was born utensils, ship, pollutants abandoned bags, cover things, sterilization packaging, isolate the hovercraft, water bed etc

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