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Rc Drone Helium Blimp&Balloon


While drone manufacturers like DJI are figuring out ways to make their drones smaller a company called Spacial is developing a large helium filled blimp drone capable of safely flying over crowds for up to 3 hours. 

Helium balloon rc drone offers fun, safe and interactive flying solutions presents Sky. You can stick a camera on it for great aerial photography, use it as a video projection mapping screen, branding & advertising

  • A new wave of drones is being used to shoot footage used in movie and television production.
  • It is a quiet drone that has an attached digital camera specifically designed to film in enclosed spaces.
  • It's powered by helium stay air you wantted.
  • the latest in a generation of drones

Video and photography drones hope to capitalize on a billion dollar business in media and entertainment. But not all drones are alike:  Helium Blimp Drone, a blimp with drone   That's no balloon, it's a drone!

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