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1200w Electric Rc Blimp Gondola-for 5m/5.5m/6m blimp Outdoor much powerful
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1200w Electric Rc Blimp Gondola - for 5m/5.5m/6m blimp Outdoor

• Construction: Mechanical with Electronic

• Design: Half Air open - Easy to change batteries

• Voltage: 22.2 V 6S

• Net weight without batteries: 2.4 kgs

• Dimension: 110cm(L)X40cm(W)X38cm(H)

• Power: 1200w - Each main motor 600w

• Main Motors: Two main motors + One Rear motor

• Thrust Vectoring -Vertical Take Off and Land Down 

• Material: Made of - Molded Carbon Fiber and Fiber Glass Composite Gondola 

• Rc system: 2.4Ghz Futaba T6k

• Fins made of Epp with Rudder

• Outdoo

Previous name - 600w rc gondola named as one of main motor power

Gondola Testing Video


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