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35cc Gasoline Powered Blimp Gondola-35cc power for 9m to 10m Blimp
Product Details

35cc Gasoline Powered Blimp Gondola - 35cc power for 9m to 10m Blimp

•Dimension: 117cm(L)X77cm(W)X55cm(H)

•Net weight:8 kgs

•Max Flight Speed: 70 km/h in real life

•Max Flight Time: 1.5 hour

•Max wind resist: 8m/2

•Fuel: 4 liters

•Thrust Vectoring--Vertical Take Off and Land Down 

•Molded Carbon Fiber and Fiber Glass Composite Gondola 

•Half-Air Open(Pro) 

•Epp fins with rudder


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