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9.2m 31 ft outdoor rc blimp

9.2m 31 ft long white nylon envelope for rc blimp - Volume 28 M3 and Net Weight 8 kgs
Product Details

9.2m (31ft) Outdoor rc blimp - 2200w rc gondola and blimp in nylon with TPU

Our 9.2m (31ft) RC Blimp is the middle-scale outdoor size at electrical power, it has durable blimpe envelope, it is made of nylon with tpu, ensuring the minimum helium loss which is less than 0.3 % daily for total helium volume! The volume is 28 m3 and Max the useful payload is 10.5 kg no battery. significant air autonomy, strong nylon fabric, sliding cabin for changeable gravity point, double controls and secure power source. It is well tested by users worldwide –Directly from Factory!

Technical Specification:

- Blimp is made of  durable nylon with tpu 2 layer 

- Volume: 28 m3

- 2200w rc gondola

- 22.2V Voltage

Option Accessories:

- Rgb led light

- Removable Advertising banner

More Technical:

2018-01-28 15.56.30.png

2200w Rc Gonodla infos:


2200w Rc Gondola Video


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