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AD-EN-0.1/GS Gasoline(Petrol) Powered Helium Compressor Machine

Model AD-EN-0.1/GS It is the Smallest Gasoline Powered Helium Recovery Machine,Net Weight is only 50kgs. Flow Rate is 6M3/h.It is very easy to be transported and operate.It is higher helium purity with air cool system than water cool.
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Helium gas is not flammable, it is noble gases not like hydrogen. Hydrogen is much more than helium in this planet. With helium’s shortage,the price of it keeps on rising, and the need of helium products still have too big in market, but most of helium gas are used for Only one time- the wastage of helium gas is very uneconomical, it is very popular for balloons and blimp like Parade balloon and Airship Company.

We have came up with good solutions Helium Recovery Machine. It sucks the helium gas out of the balloon & airship/blimp, then compresses and pumps it back into helium tank for repetitive use(helium backup). It is an irreplaceable tool for companies that want to save and make big money with helium gas.

As the cooling-down method difference,Helium Recovery Machine have Water cooling-down or Air cooling-down, two different type system.All of them are easy and safe to operate. We offer some different models according to client needs. There are in electric (Single Phase/Three Phase)or portable like Gasoline or Diesel power.

Model :AD-EN-0.1/GS

It is the Smallest Gasoline Powered Helium Recovery Machine,Net Weight is only 50kgs. Flow Rate is 6M3/h.It is very easy to be transported and operate.It is higher helium purity with air cool system than water cool.

Machine Operation Video

屏幕快照 2016-09-24 00.31.23.jpg

Technical Specfication:

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For Balloons

For Blimps

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Machine Photo:

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Oil Water Separator

Four Cylinders,Four Stage, Air cooled bock,Stainless Steel Intercoolers and ater cooler.

Belt - encloseure

Pressure maintaining vavle for optimum air processing.

Inlet filter/silencer

•Filled with synthetic oil

Charging hose and Din 300 Valve

Anti - vibration pressure gauge

Magic motor starter,with overload protection

Operation manual and part list

Opertation Video


1.)Max Helium Gas Delivery

Option as client’s request: A.) 15Mpa (2,175 psi) B.) 25Mpa (3,625 psi ) C.) 35Mpa ( 5,075 psi) 

2.) Can you have service of  train on how to operate and maintain the machine

Yes, we provide service on train and tell how to maintain the machine  simple 

3.) Will your company offer technical support after purchase


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