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22m 73.3ft Unmanned Blimp

50 kg useful payload and 350 cu.m
Product Details

22m 73.3 ft UAV Blimp UAV Blimp/ airship is designed for scientific study working at Surveillance, Mapping.


1.) Volume: 350 cubic meters Ballonet:42 cubic meters

2.) Flight time: 4 hours depends on speed and oil

3.) Flight speed: 70 KM/h

4.) Payload: 50 kg 

5.) 11m/s wind resist 

6.) Max flight height:2500m 

7.) Rc range:3600m

Blimp Components:

1.) Special Nylon coated Urethane blimp – Single Layer Design (Imported)

2.) Molded Carbon Fiber and Fiber Glass Composite Gondola 

3.) (2 piece) Limbach engines vectored thrust 

4.) Futaba 2.4Ghz 12CH

5.) Balsa fins

Technical Specification:

1.) Gondola:125cc(Limbach) 

2.) Auto air pressure system:YES 

3.) Flight control:UP 3.0 autopilot

4.) Air leakage:0.5M3/day 

5.) Relative humidity :30%-90% 

6.) Rc system:Futaba (FF10-PCM1024) 

7.) Generator voltage stabilizing system:12V 

8.) Take off weight(kgs):10-50kgs

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