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2m Foil Art rc blimp Auto Show in Kuwait

smallest rc blimp and 0.8 cu.m
Product Details

2m Foil Art rc blimp Auto Show in Kuwait

The 2 m is the smallest RC Blimp that we have in production. It has only 0.8 m3 volume !!! Capable of lifting 100 to 200 g of extra weight. Our innovative two main motor design is allowing Up/down/forward/back. The back reverse motor is extra sensitive and respond instantly. This particular model is especially convenient for Shopping Malls or other indoors where you have limited space available. 

It has 0.8 m3 of helium volume and has a significant area for branding for its size. This model requires the logo or branding to be directly applied on the envelope with changeable elastic banner films. Simple to use with 3 basic controls for all directions. With a 1000 to 1500 mAh Lithium-Polymer battery it has 45-60 minutes

Nylon with TPU 2 layer envelope, Two main motors and 1 left/right back motor, all electronics, simple 3 or 4 channels RC  Ready to go except for the Helium!  

Working for : A. Exhibition   B. Car or Bar show

Photo at Client House:

2017-12-13 16.06.4609.jpg

Technical Specfication:

2017-09-05 14.38.00副本.jpg

Video on youtube

2017-09-26 05.30.18副本.jpg

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