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3.5m Rc Blimps

3m 10ft or 3.5m 11.6 ft rc blimp for Promotion&Advertising&Event
Product Details

3.5m 11.6ft Rc Blimps (outdoor or indoor)

3m or 3.5m RC Blimp are only different in the lift capacity. 3 M3 and 3.5 M3 is a difference to lift a Gopro camera on it or other accessories like internal light, dropping mechanism.With a 3500 mAh Battery it has a 50 to 70 minutes autonomy depending on the piloting style.

Standard Set / Package

Nylon envelope, 3 motors, all electronics, Top 6 Channel RC , 2200mAh Lithium-Polymer battery,  Ready to go except for the Helium!

Intenral LED light-option!

RC Gondola as different power!




Documnents & Specs

NamePDF DownloadUpdae Time
3m 10ft RC Blimppdf.jpg2015-12-5
3.5m 11.6ft RC Blimppdf.jpg2015-09-26
Catalogue of Rc Blimpspdf.jpg2015-09-26
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