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4m(13.3ft) Electric Rc Blimps in different blimp(hull)

4m(13.3ft) rc blimps are designed for Indoor & Outdoor, it has few different styles refer to Blimp Fabric and Rc Gondolas option.
Product Details

4m(13.3ft) RC Blimps- Max payload (lift weight) is 1200g

4m rc blimps are our most popular indoor or outdoor(200w or 400w rc gondola options) model. Due to the size of width, helium volume (4.1 M3 or 5.5 M3) is allowing all kinds of additional equipment to be lifted. And  the design is more “Zeppelin” like.  The autonomy is more than an hour and with replacement battery you can fly all day.  Blimp is demanded by customers worldwide for Design and capacity that allows you to pick gyro-stabilized HD camera of different weights. It also has wide surface areas for branding on both sides – Directly by digital print in better quality.

Rc Gondola as different power!

-50w or 200w or 400w rc gondola

Blimps options as material

-PVC or PU or Nylon

Max payload:2.75kg(no batteries)

LED Light: White or Rgb color change 





Documnents & Specs

PDF DownloadUpdae Time
Model:4m RC Blimp(White PVC)pdf.jpg2015-10-08
Model:4m RC Blimp(With 2 logo)pdf.jpg2015-10-08
Model:4m RC Blimp(In Full Print)pdf.jpg2015-10-08
Model:4m RC Blimp(White PU)pdf.jpg2015-10-08
Model:4m RC Blimp(Nylon)pdf.jpg2015-10-08
Catalogue of Rc Blimpspdf.jpg2015-09-25

Video- 4m rc bliimp

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