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60,000 lm led light crystal balloon

60,000 lm led light
Product Details

60,000 lm led light crystal balloon

Balloon Shape:  Round 
Balloon Material: Flame Retardant and following feature
1.) Temperature Retardant  (- 35 to 70 Celsius Degree)
2.) Dusty Retardant
3.) Much more lighter
4.) Good for Sticker - logo

5.) Waterproof

Lighting System Power: 

Light: White Led
Powers: 6X100w
Luminance: 60000 lm
Color Temp: 6500k
Average Lamp life: 50,000 h
Available Voltage:  110 -240V AC 

Power Supply: Main power or 1.8 kw generator

Tripod Stand: 4.2m high- 4 section (stainless steel)
Stand cover: black or white cover with 3 fixed bags

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