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7m 23.3ft Outdoor Rc Blimps

7m 23.3ft Long Rc Blimps is popular in Rip-Stop Nylon style, it is much more durable,lighter and importance is small volume (Only14.6M3 )
Product Details

7m 23.3ft outdoor rc blimps - Max useful paylaod is 4.3kg

With the 7m outdoor RC Blimp you have a large airship able to lift different sensing equipment. The volume is 14.6 m3 or 17.7 m3 and Max the useful payload is 4.3 kg. Regardless to the end purpose -advertising, videography or scientific – this airship will behave as expected.  Custom variations are also possible on this model and size.

Max payload 8.4kgs ( No batteries)

•Smallest Volume: 14.6 M3

Variety of choices in Blimp Envelope: PVC, Nylon or PU fabric

Variety of choices in rc gondola: 500W &800W & 1250W

Varieity of choices in shape:common blimp or customs

Logo can be imprinted 100% as client's artwork

LED light can be put at night.

Brusless camera can be installed.



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Documnents & Specs-for different style

NamePDF DownloadUpdae Time
7m RC Blimp (Nylon)pdf.jpg2015-10-08
7m RC Blimp (100% Print)pdf.jpg2015-10-08
7m RC Blimp (PVC)pdf.jpg2015-10-08
7m RC Blimp (TPU)pdf.jpg2015-10-08
7m Rc  Blimpspdf.jpg2015-11-16
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