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11m 36.6ft Gasoline Powered Advertising Rc Blimp

38 cu.m and 6 -10 kgs
Product Details

11m 36.6ft Gasoline Powered Advertising Rc Blimp - Flight Time is 2-3 hours around with 8kgs Payload 

11m 36.6ft gasoline powered rc blimp is big size for aerial advertising, logo can be imprinted on body or using remobal banners. It is also a nice tool of aerial platform for Surveillance which need to be equiped with autopolit system like UP 2.0 or UP 3.0


1). Volume: 38M3

2). Flight time: 2-3 hours depends on speed and oil

3). Flight speed: 60KM/h

4). Payload:6-10 kg 

5.) Blimp is made of Rip Stop Nylon With Urethane -2 ply,helulim lost is 2-3% for a week

6.) R/C Gondola - 2X55cc gondola(Professional Design) -Thrust Vectoring

7.) Futaba 2.4Ghz T6j

8.) Epp fins carbon enforce with rudder


1.) Durable

2.) Stable

3.) Better operation

4.) Powerful


A.) Brushless Camera-ZENMUSE GIMBAL Z15-5D 

B.) 2.4Ghz 8CH rc system or 10CH rc system 

C.) Balsa fins with rudders 

D.) Helium Reovery Machine

E.) Autopolit system -UP 3.0

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Model:11m RC Blimp-Gas Powered



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