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12.5m 41.6ft Unmanned Blimp - Scientific Level

63 cu.m and 15 kgs payload
Product Details

12.5M UAV Blimp - Scientific Level - (3 hours fly)

12.5m UAV Blimp is as Scientific Level to design and manufacture- Surveillance ,Mapping And Sensor


1.) Volume:63 cubic meters,ballonet include

2.) Flight time: 3-4 hours depends on speed and oil

3.) Flight speed: 60 KM/h

4.) Payload: 15 kg 

5.) 11m/s wind resist

6.) Rip stop nylon with Urethane blimp –double layer design

7.) Molded Carbon Fiber and Fiber Glass Composite Gondola  

8.) Futaba 2.4Ghz 10CH

9.) Balsa fins

Documnents & Specs:


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Update Time

Model:12.5m UAV Blimp



R/c Gondola-Scientifical Level:

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Gondola Feature:

•Max Flight Speed: 110km/h

•Max Flight Time: 3 Hours

•Fuel: 10 liters

•Material: Epoxy glass fiber and 7075 aluminum alloy

•Engines: Two zenith 62cc gasoline engines

•Generator:2 piece 80w generator

•Oil Sensor:include 20 stage high precision oil quantity sensor, output voltage: 0-5V

•Auto air pressure system:include

•30w dc motor,Worm and worm wheel,Synchronous belt final drive,Filter out the vibration from the engine,PWM signal closed loop digital proportional control

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