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Helium Recovery Machine AD-EN-0.35/GS

helium recovery machine Model:AD-EN-0.35/GS - Flow Rate 21 M3/h in Gas power engine and 150 kg for net weight.
Product Details

Model:AD-EN-0.35/GS is petro/gasoline powered helium recovery machine- Flow Rate 21 M3/h in and 150 kg net weight.It pumps helium gas to 40 liter cylinder in 15 miuntes.

•Air pressure15 Mpa(2175psi) for advertising

•Air pressure25Mpa(3625 psi) / 35Mpa(5075 psi) for lab

Technical Specification:

2017-03-11 16.03.10.jpg

Machine Video:

2017-03-11 20.29.01.jpg

屏幕快照 2016-01-29 21.23.30.jpg


屏幕快照 2016-01-25 18.40.59.png


1.)Max Helium Gas Delivery

Option as client’s request: A.) 15Mpa (2,175 psi) B.) 25Mpa (3,625 psi ) C.) 35Mpa ( 5,075 psi) 

2.) Can you have service of  train on how to operate and maintain the machine

Yes, we provide service on train and tell how to maintain the machine  simple 

3.) Will your company offer technical support after purchase


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